Jamyang has four unique bed & breakfast guest rooms - they are the old Police Holding Cells! 

Get a real feel for our beautiful Victorian Courthouse building, staying overnight in these rooms. They are small, but cosy. Comfortable beds, heated, reading lights and places to put your belongings. In fact, only 4 (four) cells are available for guests so please book well in advance!

Conduct at Jamyang
As a Buddhist Centre, we expect you to abide by the Five Buddhist Precepts:

1. No killing and not to eat meat or fish in our facilities
2. No stealing
3. No lying
4. No sexual activity
5. No alcohol or drugs, or to be under the influence of them while at Jamyang.

At the same time, please consider the building is a no-smoking area. One of the cell block's functions is to provide retreat space, so we need you to be as quiet and considerate as possible, and in particular not to listen to music except through headphones and in private.

The Cells
The cells are small (approximately 7.5 ft by 5 ft) and private.

The current price of a single cell is £35/night for visitors, £30/night for those attending Jamyang courses/retreats, or £25/night if you are Friend of Jamyang, including:
  • Self service kitchen on same floor as guest rooms. You can help yourself to the breakfast we supply in the kitchen (daily organic bread baked in Kennington, whole milk, soya milk, rice milk, cereals, teas, coffees, etc.)., and there is a stove for cooking your evening meal should you wish.
  • Bedding and towel.
  • Shared bathroom and WC.
  • Free access to use the Shrine Room and Library according to availability.
  • We don’t offer a laundry facility, but there is a launderette nearby, and a phone box just outside the centre.
The maximum duration of your stay in our B&B is 7 (seven) nights. Please check availability and confirm your stay by:
  • email to hospitality [at] jamyang.co.uk
  • by phone calling us to +44 (0) 20 7820 8787
It is the centre policy not to accept booking for accommodation for people under the age of 18 & unfortunately we can’t accommodate children under 16.

Our check-in time is between 12.00pm and 9.00pm. If your arrival will be before 9.00am or after 9.00pm due to flights or train arrivals please let us know in order to have a volunteer ready to welcome you in hours when the Centre is not opened to the public.

You will be asked for an ID with photography at the registration desk, so please help the hospitality team with handing one, and to also complete the Check-in Form as requested by local legislation.

Once you have checked in, you will be given your own keys.

We require at least 7 days notice of cancellation, not including weekends. If you cancel and the cells are all full, we will require you to pay the whole amount for the day.  There is a refund policy, to know more about it please call us.

Before 10.00am on the day of departure.

Please contact the venue manager if you have any other questions at 0207 820 8787 or write an email to:
info [at] jamyang.co.uk

Affiliated with FPMT

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