The system of Mahayana Buddhist meditation known as Graded Path (Lam rim in Tibetan) is the main public teaching of the Geluk school, which is the Tibetan source tradition for the FPMT including Jamyang.

The Graded Path meditation system sets out a graded series of meditations designed to generate in the meditator the motivations and understandings necessary for progressing along the path to enlightenment.

It was first given form by the Bengali Pandit Lama Atisha Dipamkara Srijnana in the 11th century when he was teaching his Tibetan students, but it is considered to have its roots in the teachings of the two great Indian Buddhist Masters Nagarjuna and Asanga and ultimately in the teaching of the Buddha Shakyamuni himself

Gradual Path meditations

Every year, in the summer programme, we focus on the Gradual Path meditations, either on a Tuesday or a Wednesday evening.  The topics covered in ten or so weeks build up to a complete presentation of the path to enlightenment.

To complement these teachings we offer retreat in the summer on the gradual path meditation topics
 where students get an opportunity to really get a taste of the meditations and progressively more expansive motivations of this system.

Please look out for Gradual Path events in the events Calendar.


Jamyang is an affiliated centre of the 
Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition

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