FPMT Foundational level courses

There are two FPMT recognised Foundational level courses: Discovering Buddhism and The Foundation of Buddhist Thought.

The Discovering Buddhism course is a course in 14 modules introducing you to key the teachings and practices of Tibetan Buddhism 

The onsite course usually takes about 2.5 years to complete the 13 study modules.  
The 14th special personal practice module may take you longer. We may look at offering an onsite course starting n 2019 or later.  

If you can't wait please and are happy to do this course online or as a 'home study' package please visit the Online Learning Centre of the FPMT register your interest and start studying.

Foundation of Buddhist Thought (campus/onsite)

The Foundation of Buddhist Thought course, devised by Then Rinpoche Tashi Tsering, may be offered as an onsite course by authorised senior students of Khen Rinpoche Tashi Tsering, the creator of the course, from May or September 2019.  


Discovering Buddhism (online)

Please visit the main FPMT website here to find out about online and home study options for Discovering Buddhism.

Foundation of Buddhist Thought (online)

Please visit the Foundation of Buddhist Thought website to find out about the online option for the FBT course.

Foundational level equivalent courses devised by Geshe Tashi Tsering:

Please visit Khen Rinpoche' Tashi Tserings personal website to find out more about his courses

The Lam Rim Chen Mo course takes just under 2.5 years to complete. 


Generally, in each programme, the learning programmes on offer at Jamyang London include Foundational level equivalent courses and events.

Currently(2018), these are offered on Wednesdays by senior students of Khen Rinpoche Tashi Tsering.  

Please look in our online calendar for the current offering.  



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