Dying Well
Tibetan Buddhism has a vast range of practices to help us understand death and deal with it when it becomes part of our lives, either the deaths of our family members, or loved ones, or strangers, or animals we encounter, and of course, ultimately, our own. Dying Well and helping others die well are two of the most important things we can do in life, and far from being morbid, understanding death, the death process and what we can do is fascinating and liberating. The project is a chance to see what can be done, and to become part of a group that is developing at Jamyang as support to the community.


This service is currently only available for subscribed friends of Jamyang.
If you carry one of our Emergency Cards and you are unfortunate enough to be killed, seriously injured or have a life-threatening illness, the finder of the card can contact Jamyang and we can do various spiritual practices to help you through this critical time. Your name would be immediately added to the dedication board and read out at the Friday lunchtime puja and the merits dedicated to you. We also hope to have a list of people who would be willing to say a prayer at home; Geshe Tashi has recommended "The Prayer to be Reborn in the Land of Bliss" by Lama Tsong Khapa, together with other practices which will be available soon.

If you would like to apply for the card please contact: [email protected]


These are now available in the CCC Office for consultation in the Centre. They include spiritual and practical information to help us at and around the time of death and include various prayers and practices, advice from Lama Zopa, details of Buddhist funerals, woodland burials, where to get an environmentally friendly coffin, hospices etc.


Honouring the great work of our dear Jon Underwood, Jamyang is proud to present another session of the most wonderful Death Cafe.
Death is one of the most important transitions we make, but often the one we think least about until it is upon us and we are least able to think things through.
The overall objective of Death Cafe is to increase awareness of death with a view to helping people make the most of their (finite) lives.
Not talking about dying can also impact on the way we live in terms of our mental health, perspective on our life and the choices we make. Certainly, not everyone wants to talk about death. However, we have found that a large number of people, on some occasion do want to talk about death.
What is more, we have found that talking about dying can even be enjoyable as well as useful and illuminating. Join us for this difficult but much-appreciated conversation.
-It is a group directed discussion with no agenda or theme.
-It is a discussion group rather than a grief support or a counselling session.
-On a not for profit basis
- In an accessible, respectful and confidential space
- With no intention of leading people to any conclusion, product or course of action
- Alongside refreshing drinks and nourishing food – and cake! We are based in a Buddhist Centre but the Death Cafe is open to all.
-It is a secular experience we follow the model started by Jon Underwood.


FPMT books: Heart Advice and Practices for Death & Dying and Practising the Five Powers Near the Time of Death.

Liberation Card for a dying person: this beautiful 8" x 10"colour laminated card includes images and mantras that merely by seeing help a dying person to purify negative karma and be led to enlightenment. The front pictures 10 mantras and 10 images all especially chosen to benefit someone at the time of death. On the back of the card is a moving letter by Lama Zopa Rinpoche to assist the dying person at this most critical time.

These cards are available for loan in time of need, but should be returned to Jamyang so other people can use them. The books are for use in the Centre.

If you would like to purchase any of the above you can do online:


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