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A White Nyung Nay is when folks do eight of the two day fasting retreats in a row.
Starting on the evening of Monday 13 August and running till the morning of Thursday 30 Charles and Steff are leading eight of the two day fasting retreats (you eat up till noon on day one but neither eat nor drink for the 24 hours of day two). 

The practice is based around the Buddha of Compassion Chenrezig in his aspect of 11 heads, 1,000 arms with a 1,000 eyes. A great way to develop and deepen your natural compassion, your natural wish to remove suffering from suffering beings, bringing it closer to great compassion, unconditional compassion for all beings at all times.

You can do the lot or four or two. Your choice as to how to engage.
Those attending whole nyung nays must live in the Centre (in temporary dorms) as the early morning sessions start very early, well before London Transport starts up. 

Participants will stay in temporary dorms, though if cells are available we can offer those (but as these are not available on donation we need to charge £15 extra per night).

For this white nyung nay Charles and Steff want to introduce some flexibility so that people to attend some of the retreat even if they can't attend all.  
So if you would like to connect with this very special practice but have been frightened off by the fasting element or the prostrating element or the need to commit for a whole two days why not take the opportunity to come for the afternoon session on any day. We expect the afternoon session to start sometime after 3.30pm.

All are very warmly invited to come taste this extraordinary practice

White Nyung Nay Retreat 
With Charles and Steff
TUE - THU | 14 - 30 AUG

Teacher Development Service Seminar

9 - 12 Aug | 9:00 - 18:00

From Thursday 9 - 12 August we are hosting a FPMT Teacher Development Training Seminar run by Venerable Connie Miller and Andy Wistreich.  If you are a registered teacher of FPMT Foundational, Basic or Masters courses or if you help deliver the meditation, practice and study programmes at your Centre or Study Group please consider coming along to this four day event.

Ven Connie and Andy are experienced educators. The purpose of the four days is to introduce you to the different ways in which students learn and how authentic Buddhist teachings can be presented in different ways according to need.  The big word here is a Pedagogy.  But basically the course gives you a chance to reflect on your strengths as a class leader and loads of tools to help you better communicate the Buddha dharma to others facilitating truly transformative experiences.

The four-day seminar is being offered on a donation generosity model basis.  Please click here for more details and please apply through the website.

The course is designed to be for people who have already attended a Foundation Service Seminar, but as the course is new and as this is a new requirement we realise that many people delivering the Buddhist Programme in their groups may not have attended a Foundation Seminar yet.

But if you are involved in delivering the programme at your Centre but have not yet attended a Foundation Seminar you can still apply.  Just get the Director or SPC at your centre to support your application.

Foundation Service Seminar
3 - 8 Aug | 9:00 - 18:00 

We are running a Foundation Seminar in the 6 days before the Teacher Development Seminar so the other way to do it would be to do both.
Again the Foundation Seminar is being run on a donation generosity model basis. Please click here for details and please apply through the website.


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