Easter Compassion Retreat

Easter Compassion Retreat with Geshe Tashi
Supporting Land of Joy

Register (for all days) suggested donation £80

Register (for 19-20 April) suggested donation £50

Register (for 20-21 April) suggested donation £50

Register (for 21-22 April) suggested donation £50

3.5 days - 9am Saturday 19 April through to 1pm Tuesday 22 April
Saturday 19 April  9am – 5pm,
Sunday 20 April and Monday 21 April  8am – 5pm
Tuesday 9am – 1pm
Suggested donation  3.5 days £80, 2 full days £50

Take time out with Geshe Tashi to focus on great compassion at this meaningful time of year in Christian culture.  Compassion is the heartfelt wish for someone to be free of the suffering and difficulties that they have and the seeds for future problems that lie dormant in their psyche.  Great compassion applies that to all living beings without prejudice or favour.  It is a most noble and luminous state of of mind.  
We encourage participants to attend all three and a bit days but if you can’t do that we ask that you attend at least two full days in a row as otherwise you will not start to experience the difference that doing retreat makes to the quality of life.
On the Sunday and the Monday Geshe Tashi will offer the opportunity for people to take a 24 hour set of Mahayana precepts that serve to strengthen our wish to become fully enlightened so as to truly relieve suffering.  They involve making a promise for the next 24 hours not to engage in killing, stealing, lying, sexual activity, taking intoxicants, activities that increase arrogance or attachment, and not eating after noon.  These practices are highly recommended by Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche and Geshe Tashi as powerful trainings to take us to enlightenment.
There will be dormitory space offered at Jamyang for this retreat.  Contact us early to reserve your place, or book yourselves into a local hostel dorm.  We recommend Safestay on the Walworth Road.

This year and until Land of Joy manifests as an actual retreat centre in the UK, The Easter and Summer Retreats at Jamyang are dedicated to Land of Joy.  The Land of Joy team will have one of their members at the retreat for the whole period of the retreat, someone who can answer your questions about Land of Joy, the importance of retreat in spiritual development and on retreat culture in general and the importance of Land of Joy in the UK. 

See more on retreat culture on the Land of Joy website.

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